Static Power Conversion Services, Inc.


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About Static Power Conversion Services, Inc.

Since 1982, Static Power has been providing comprehensive sales and service solutions to users and manufacturers of critical “Uninterruptible” power systems. We are headquartered in Columbia, MD, employ over 30, experienced sales and service professionals and pride ourselves on delivering solutions that delight our customers.

From consulting, to design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and upgrades, Static Power has built a reputation for exceeding expectations. Although our equipment selections and integration are designed for maximum reliability and fault tolerance, problems will occasionally happen, and when they do, we have the largest, most experienced critical power service staff in the Baltimore, Washington, Northern Virginia area. We can typically be on-site within 2 to 4 hours after being requested and in most cases will have local stock of any parts needed to correct a failure.

Static Power is factory certified and supported on all equipments sold by us.