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Product Solutions

Product Solutions offered by Static Power include all hardware necessary to build-out an entire critical power suite. These products represent the best the industry has to offer and were carefully selected by Static Power after 25 years of service experience. In all such cases, Static Power maintains a close working relationship with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and is factory field service certified and supported. Additionally, Static Power maintains a large, local inventory of repair parts.



Uninterruptible Power Systems
Computer based systems require electrical power free of the sags, surges, transients, brownouts and blackouts common on today’s utility circuits. The centerpiece equipment for correcting these power problems is the Uninterruptible Power Source or “UPS”. Systems ranging in size from single module, fractional kilowatt to multi-module multi-megawatt are available in all popular input and output voltages.

With over 25 years of experience selecting, installing and maintaining UPS systems, Static Power has the proven ability to deliver products, services and installations that will exceed your expectations. We are the largest factory authorized and certified UPS service provider in the Washington, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia area. We service what we sell.

Power Distribution Units (PDU)
The overwhelming trend in data centers these days is ever higher concentrations of physically smaller but more powerful processing units each with their own power supply and cord. Additionally, many of these units can now be ordered with redundant power supplies which mean 2 and sometimes 3 power supplies and cords. These factors have in turn caused a quantum jump in the number of dedicated AC power circuits required.

Centrally located Power Distribution Units (PDU’s) are usually the most cost effective solution to this latest challenge. In addition, the PDU can optionally accomplish voltage transformation, Synchronous no-break switching between two UPS sources, power monitoring and Emergency Power Off functions if desired.

PDU’s ranging in size from 50 to 300 kVA, 42 to 252 poles, 480 or 208 volts are available from Static Power.

Static Power can provide and service virtually all makes and models of Stationary Batteries, flooded and sealed. Systems utilizing these batteries and supported by Static Power include but are not necessarily limited to; Uninterruptible Power Systems, Negative 48 and Plus 24 volt DC Power Plants for Telecommunications, 120 volt DC systems for switchgear control.

Virtually all of the electrical energy consumed by data processing equipment is converted to heat. This heat, if not removed, can quickly elevate temperatures beyond the equipment manufacturer’s recommended safe maximum. Given today’s around-the-clock IT requirements, the computer room air conditioning system must therefore be reliable and sufficiently redundant so as to facilitate non-interruptive preventive and corrective maintenance. Generator power is also a must.

Equipment selection, system design and installation is not a task to be taken lightly. Computer room units from 3 to 20 tons, chilled water or glycol are available. Temporary spot cooling solutions from 1 to 10 tons are also available. Consult with the experts at Static Power.

Transient Suppressors
Of the five types of power anomalies (Transients, Sags, Surges, Brownouts and Blackouts) transients, particularly those resulting from close proximity lightning strikes, are the most likely to cause extensive hardware damage. While a UPS can usually shield the IT equipment from these high energy transients, the UPS often becomes a “sacrificial lamb” in the process. Given the relatively low cost of a good Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS), it only makes sense to protect your UPS investment by including this product in the critical power system design.

Typically, a TVSS installation will employ a phased-in approach whereby heavy duty IEEE category C devices will be installed at the electrical Service Entrance and then supplemented by category B and A devices as you get closer to the actual loads. Static Power offer a full range of TVSS products as well as the knowledge to properly select and install them.

Power Cabling
For raised floor applications, pre-manufactured cables are a great way to reduce installation time and cost. Cables by Power Cabling, Inc. are UL Listed, 100% tested, available in custom colors and labeled at both ends.

Battery Monitors
When the application is around the clock, and circumstances prevent the installation of redundant battery strings, a full time battery monitoring system may be the solution.

Automatic Transfer Switches
For those UPS applications requiring more than 30 to 45 minutes of back-up time, an on-site diesel or natural gas fired generator is usually more practical than a larger battery plant. Generators however, must be paired with an ATS and installed as a system. The basic role of the ATS is to automatically start and stop the generator as well as transferring the load between utility and generator. Beyond these basic functions, advanced features such as open or closed transition switching, peak shedding, co-generation, manual bypassing, remote controlling/monitoring, etc. may also need to be considered.

Static Power offers a full line of Automatic Transfer Switches that can accomplish any applicable function/s from small single phase to large three phase units. What’s more, Static Power can help you select the right unit, install it and maintain it.

Telcom DC Power Systems
The traditional power source for telecommunications applications has always been and will probably remain; 48 volts DC. From CO (Central Office) to PBX (Private Branch Exchange) this power system has proven itself to be simple, cost effective and extremely reliable. SPCS offers 48 volt (and 24 volt for Cellular) DC systems from 50 amperes to 3600 amperes. These systems can include; Rectifiers, Inverters, Batteries, Battery Distribution Fuse Boards (BDFB), Low Voltage Load or Battery Disconnects, and Battery Distribution Circuit Breaker (BDCB) units.

Additionally, Static Power can Engineer, Furnish and Install (EF&I) these systems to BellCorp Standards.

Environmental Monitors
Automated operations often equate to unattended spaces filled with vital electronic equipment and or machinery. Should a problem develop, immediate detection and intervention can often mitigate what could otherwise be dire consequences. Static Power offers a comprehensive range of monitoring systems capable of detecting almost any conceivable condition and then immediately notifying key personnel via telephone, pagers, email or internet. Additionally, most systems may be queried for current status at any given time. Some units can actually initiate actions via remote commands.