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Service Solutions

For systems ranging in size from single module multi-kilowatt to multi-module, multi-megawatt, Static Power has a full suite of services to support all your critical power needs. Equipment supported includes; Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), Power Distribution Units, Battery Plants, Automatic Transfer Switches, Telecommunications Rectifiers, Inverters, Power Distribution Boards, Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors and Monitoring Systems. Services include; Preventive, Predictive and Corrective maintenance Start-up and Commissioning, Infrared Testing, Dummy Load Testing and Power Problem Analysis and Correction. All of our services are available on either a Contractual or Time and Material basis.

With over 20 seasoned critical power service engineers on staff, Static Power is the largest critical power service provider in the Washington Baltimore, Northern Virginia Area.



24 Hour Emergency Service
While a properly designed, installed and maintained critical power system will minimize the need for emergency service, the fact is, emergency service will at least occasionally, be required. To provide for this, Static Power employs a large staff of experienced critical power service engineers. In fact, Static Power, with over 20 engineers, is the largest critical power systems service provider in the Washington, Baltimore and Northern Virginia area.

We are factory trained, certified and supported on all the products we sell. We maintain a close working relationship with all of our OEM’s staying up to date on all new and after sale product developments. We also maintain a large local inventory of spare parts. In addition to servicing the products we sell, we also offer superior services on many other brands.

Whether you purchased your system from Static Power or another provider, we will be pleased to respond to your emergency needs. With a Service Contract, Static Power can guarantee immediate phone response and be on-site within 4 hours or less.

Preventive Maintenance
Imagine purchasing a new car and never taking it in for routine service. Obviously, such a vehicle will never realize the trouble free longevity intended by the manufacturer. The same is true for a Critical Power System. Solid state equipment such as Uninterruptible Power Systems, Automatic Transfer Switches, Static Transfer Switches and Power Distribution Units, all contain finite life components that require periodic replacement. They also incorporate circuits that can remain idle for long periods of time and unless routinely tested, could unknowingly have failed and subsequently not operate when called on. Mechanical (pressure) connections can loosen from cold-flow and or vibration. Generator maintenance is little different than an automobile. Even diesel fuel can go bad over time!

With over 23 years experience servicing most makes and models of critical power systems, Static Power has the knowledge, staff and specialized equipment necessary to ensure maximum system reliability and longevity. We are constantly updating our tools, test equipment and procedures to take advantage of the latest preventive and predictive maintenance techniques.

Dummy Load Testing
Dummy (artificial) load testing is usually employed as part of a system certification or re-certification. Use of these loads facilitates at-will, selectable step, capacity, overload and burn-in testing of the entire critical power system including the Emergency Generator and UPS batteries. In the absence of a real or light real load, the dummy load can also be used to “heat up” the system in preparation for an Infrared Thermographic Scan.

System Commissioning
The purpose of a system certification is to verify that the total system (UPS, Generators, Batteries, Transfer Switches, PDU’s, Switchgear, etc.) operates as intended under all conditions of line and load. This verification is usually accomplished by electronic monitoring of key points while exercising the system to maximum design limitations using an artificial (dummy) load. The exercise itself is governed by a Site Acceptance Test Procedure (SATP) specifically developed by SPCS to test each and every key operational parameter and is always unique to each customer’s installation. In addition to the electronic monitoring, Static Power also performs an Infrared Thermo-graphic scan of the system during the test.

SPCS recommends that System Certifications be performed under the following circumstances:

With over 23 year’s experience, Static Power knows how to find and correct any critical power system deficiency before it adversely affects operations.

Power Problem Consulting
Your IT system or manufacturing process is experiencing mysterious problems. You’ve consulted the equipment manufacturer and been advised that the problem is more than likely being caused by defective power. You contact your local electrician who comes out, hooks up his volt meter and says “Looks fine to me!” Who do you call now? Power problems of this nature are usually subtle and intermittent thereby requiring specialized knowledge and equipment to pinpoint and diagnose. With more than 24 years experience tracking down and correcting these types of power problems, Static Power has the tools, sophisticated monitoring equipment and most importantly, the expertise necessary to positively identify and correct the problem.

Infrared Testing
One of the greatest predictive maintenance tools to come along in a long time is Infrared Thermographic Imaging or what most people refer to as an Infrared Camera. With this device it possible to see the heat emissions of electrical and mechanical devices that are in the early stages of failure. Things like overloaded circuits, loose or corroded connections, bad bearings, etc are all easily detected. The scan is accomplished without disruption to the operation (non-invasive) and can cover a large number of devices in a very short period of time. Typically, the scan is scheduled during normal operations, potential problems are identified and catalogued, replacement parts ordered and repair efforts scheduled for a convenient time. Following correction, the repaired or replaced items are re-scanned. Static Power recommends that IR scans be performed immediately following installation of new systems and annually thereafter.

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