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UPS Rental

Need a temporary UPS solution? Static Power maintains an inventory of 60 Hertz, single and three phase UPS systems for short and long term rentals. Systems ranging in size from 3 to 16 kVA single phase, and 15 to 160 kVA three phase, are generally available. Information that we will require in order to assist you in selecting the most appropriate unit include:
  • Total power required by your computer system - Volts, amps, number of phases.
  • Power available to feed the UPS - Volts, amps, number of phases.
  • Required battery backup time.
  • Remote monitoring requirements.
  • Rigging and placement considerations such as size and weight of unit, floor loading, elevator loading, door sizes, loading dock, etc.
Minimum rental is one month. Delivery, installation, de-installation and pick-up are additional cost items. Installation must be accomplished by a licensed electrical contractor. If you do not have an electrical contractor preference, Static Power can provide one. Unit must be installed in a clean, air conditioned environment. Equipment start-up, emergency service and semi-annual preventive maintenance are all included in the monthly fee.

Please call for applications assistance, price and availability.